Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden – Violet Evergarden

About this costume:

This was my big project this year. Violet Evergarden was an anime I was looking forward to and which moved me deeply. I absolutely knew from the start that I had to make this costume. I spend a lot of money into it. I was lucky to find the fabric which I had in mind quickly. Sewing wasn’t difficult except from the drape at the back of her dress. That one took me forever and I screamed over it a lot, ha ha! A friend ordered the wig for me in Japan. It was a very good base so styling it was more convenient than I thought it would. The brooches are all selfmade too. The very small one around her button was the most difficult to make because it is so tiny. I also made the parasol and restored an antique suitcase. I’m very happy with how it looks now. All in all, making this costume would have been no problem if I wouldn’t have been so unlucky with ordering material. I had to order 3 different boots (first they got lost during transport, then they arrived with wrong color), a different brooch (which was too big so I made it myself in the end), 3 base parasols (one didn’t fit, one arrived broken) and I ran out of white fabric and panicked until I found the same one again. ^^” Last but not least I made tons of letters with the seal from the anime. Sadly it’s difficult to see on the photos but I wrote the names of my friends and followers onto the letters in the font used in the series. ♥

Photographer: Konterer, Sean