Suirenji Kiyoharu

Suirenji Kiyoharu – Mahou Shoujo Site

About this costume:

Mahou Shoujo Site is one of the rare series that I discovered by reading the manga first. I hardly ever read manga but my friend recommended it and it was so good, I couldn’t stop reading. I was hyped when the anime was announced and I was not disappointed. First I was torn between cosplaying Asahi or Kiyoharu. I decided on Kiyoharu because Asahi would be too much of my stereotype and I already cosplayed many girls with similar hair so I wanted to try something new. I’m very happy I picked Kiyoharu because meanwhile she became my number 1 character. ^^ I was even more happy to find a complete cosplay group and I’m so thankful to my friends who made it possible. We ordered the school uniforms so that they would all look the same. My main work was the wig (added wefts and styling), sewing the hair ribbon and crafting the ring.

Photographer: Cosplay Hunter

Cosplay partner: Koko, Fiona, Sayra, Shpo, Inulein, Moo, Pancake, PeachFuwa, Calssara