Sono Chieri (Hoshi no Mukougawa)

Sono Chieri (Hoshi no Mukougawa) – AKB0048

Sono Chieri (Hoshi no Mukougawa)About this costume:

I always wanted to make a cosplay which is comfortable enough to wear it for giving workshops and which looks like ordinary daily fashion if worn without wig. I also wanted to make more cosplays of Chieri, so I searched through her outfits and found this one. I like it a lot because she looks like a real elegant lady in it. She wears it in the anime when visiting her father. That’s why I picked it for an event where the location might resemble a modern company building. It is – once more – a leftover fabric cosplay. I’m trying to make as many as possible of these recently because I just have too many unused fabric at home. It feels great to make something new without buying new materials! (^o^)

Photographers: vw, Rayleigh