Sheryl Nome (Lion)

Sheryl Nome (Lion) – Macross Frontier

Sheryl Nome (Lion)About this costume:

This is the anime version of Sheryl’s “Lion” dress. I was looking spontaneously for a new version from her which I could make with little money and within a short amount of time. Then I came across this one. I always liked her “Lion” design but I’ve seen so many cosplays of it, that it felt boring for me to make the same. Apart from that I prefer pink to purple and already had most of the fabric as well as the white skirt from my other Sheryl cosplay. The gloves and overknees socks are bought so I only had to make the top, necklace, upper arm accessory and necklace. I like making fast and easy co costumes! :3

Photographers: vw, Konterer, Harrasaki

Cosplay partner: Fiona, Bontenmaru