Sheryl Nome (dシュディスタb)

Sheryl Nome (dシュディスタb) – Macross Frontier

Sheryl Nome (dシュディスタb)About this costume:

Sheryl is a character that I wanted to cosplay since ages. But the ‘perfect’ outfit never came. This is the 30th anniversary costume – which means it took 30 years for them to create the outfit that I really wanted to make, haha! (≧▽≦) This version exists in three different colors, but of course I chose pink, because I love pink!
I was lucky because I already had the pink and white fabric. But laces are really expensive in Germany and I needed a lot, so the costume was still not that cheap. Ruffling the golden lace by hand took forever. But the rest of the costume was less annoying to make.
The sleeves are a bit difficult when it comes to posing. They are so big that they easily cover your whole body or even the face. (^^)” But apart from that I really like that costume.

Photographers: vw, Captured.

Cosplay partner: San-Chi, Kazenary