Sakuma Jirou (Teikoku)

Sakuma Jirou (Teikoku) – Inazuma Eleven

About this costume:

This was my very first Inazuma Eleven costume. Back then, I didn’t think that so many more would follow. XD Sakuma was the first character who caught my attention when I started the first game, probably because of the eyepatch. I love characters with eyepatches. XD The Teikoku outfit is very simple, but the wig tricky. I couldn’t find one in such a light green/blue shade (it looks like molding… ^^”), so I dyed it and it took me several tries until it looked at least acceptable. The color still looks different on every photo, depending on the light. It’s a really strange cosplayer-killing color. u,u

Photographer: Ka-Yu

Cosplay partner: Ryusei