Ritsuka Uenoyama

Ritsuka Uenoyama – Given

About this costume:

It’s been so long since I cosplayed a male character (who doesn’t look feminine like some others I cosplayed). I hardly ever do that because I always feel a bit strange. ^^” I don’t look manly at all, ha ha. But I absolutely fell in love with the anime Given and its characters. I’m so happy that my friend got into Given as well and agreed to wear her Mafuyu cosplay with me as Uenoyama because without Mafuyu, Uenoyama cosplay would be kinda incomplete. XD Well, the cosplay itself is simple but in the end I got three different versions just so that we could copy some scenes from the anime. We also rented guitars so all in all it wasn’t really a cheap cosplay. Even if I sadly can’t play, I got kinda attached to it and was sad when I we had to give them back. It felt SO COOL even just pretending to play, ha ha. XD This shooting started in the morning and went until late at night. It was really exhausting but also lots of fun.

Photographer: Calssara

Cosplay partner: Hotaru