Oshima Yuuko

Oshima Yuuko – AKB0048

About this costume:

Out of all Successors, Yuuko and Takamina have always been my favorites and I wanted to cosplay either of them since years. The friend who did Takamina in our group also had the same two favorite girls so we just decided on these roles. Maybe we can do a wig change in the future to see how the other girl would have suited us. XD
To make sure that all cosplays will look the same, we decided to buy them. Sadly there were many problems and stress with the shop so let’s not talk about that. Luckily all cosplays arrived in time and mine fitted nicely so I didn’t have to change anything, yay!
My work was organising the shooting and styling the wig. I really like her fluffy ponytail and how I managed it.
The shooting was a lot of fun too and I’m glad everything worked out without problems. Everyone showed up reliably and in time and there was no stress. I’m very happy about such a nice shooting! (^o^)

Photographer: vw

Cosplay partner: Fiona, Sayra, Neko, Shpo, Anyuu, Kaine, Sayory, Kisharu