Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Lolita)

Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Lolita) – Touken Ranbu

About this costume:

This costume is not selfmade but was a birthday present from my dear friend Chie. I was so happy because I really wanted to cosplay this version. >///< So this cosplay wasn’t any sewing or crafting work for me. The only thing left to do was trying to adjust the make-up a bit further to make it look more feminine and doll-like. I hope it worked out. ^^” It felt a bit strange to use such an extremely feminine make-up for this character but I guess it fits. As always, my friend joint me as Yasusada, yay! ♥ For the shooting we chose a photo studio with a white and blue set for Yasusada and red and black set for Kiyomitsu. This set was inspired by one of Sato Ryuji Kiyomitsu photo shootings. He’s wearing the basic outfit in this shooting but I really liked the atmosphere and thought it would fit for a Lolita shooting as well.

Photographer: Cosplay Hunter

Cosplay partner: Koucchi