Kagurazaka Asuna

Kagurazaka Asuna – Mahou Sensei Negima

Kagurazaka AsunaAbout this costume:

This cosplay was also the idea of a friend (who made a cosplay of Negi) and I was so happy that she suggested it. I love Asuna’s hair color so I was glad to get the chance to wear such a beautiful wig. *__* I decided to make the anime version of her school uniform, which looks a little different from the manga version. The outfit has three different shades of red and purple. (Vest, blazer and skirt.) I thought it would be very difficult to find fabrics, but in the end it was quite easy. The blazer is made of a very thin fabric which made it more difficult to sew (blazers should be made out of a thicker fabric!) but it was useful because we wore the outfits at a very hot event. I had a lot of fun acting like Asuna during our photoshooting. We did a lot of funny poses this time. I think it fits the series well. ^^

Photographer: Blacky

Cosplay partner: Fiona