Hatsuzuki (Saniwa)

Hatsuzuki (Saniwa) – Touken Ranbu

About this costume:

I love all the different Touken Ranbu Saniwa designs created by fans. But my very favorite is from the amazing artist Yamori-san so I asked her if she’d allow me to cosplay her character. I was super happy to get not only her permission but also a lot of additional information about the design of her character Hatsuzuki. I tried my best to make the costume worthy of her artworks and design and I’m glad she liked it. ♥ The skirt was complicated to make. At first I tried to make the pattern like a short hakama but it didn’t look right so I ended up making quite a free-style skirt pattern instead which turned out better. The three necklaces are super heavy and were the most expensive part because I used real aventurine beads and a real mirror. I really like the wig I found for her. It’s such a good quality! For once I had a lot of fun styling it. And of course the shooting with my Yasusada was fun as always, too!

Photographer: Cosplay Hunter

Cosplay partner: Koucchi