Gran – Inazuma Eleven

About this costume:

I always liked Gran the most from all the Aliea members in Inazuma Eleven. But I fell in love with that extraordinary outfit even before I fell in love with the character. ^^” While I was working on the costume, Gran / Hiroto became one of my favorite characters of the whole Inazuma series. This costume was quite a challenge. It was the first time I sewed patent leather and it was really difficult. You can see every single hole from the needles in the leather, so you shouldn’t do too many mistakes. Since I usually do many mistakes, I had a really hard time making this costume. It’s very tight and on top of that I think it doesn’t even suit me. ^^” Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun with our cosplay group. Being a soccer playing alien captain wearing a leather suit is a really rare experience, haha. XD

Photographers: theDevil, Marco Russo, Kashikosa

Cosplay partner:  Mikami, Ryusei, Akito, Noise