Gasai Yuno

Gasai Yuno – Mirai Nikki

About this costume:

This was a very spontaneous idea and you can argue if this is even a cosplay. I thought twice before doing this shooting but in the end I decided that it’s still cosplay because it’s an outfit that Yuno wears in the original series.If you make cosplays of half naked or in general very basic outfits, you have to put even more effort into the play, to make it look like a serious cosplay instead of just lingerie photos. I hope I could manage to do that. Yuno is a very interesting character. She’s a strong girl who doesn’t hesitate to kill for her love. Considering what she went through in the series, it’s no surprise that she becomes a maniac at some point. She’s not the first insane character that I dressed up as. (The first one was Beyond Birthday.) It’s just a lot of fun acting like that. And I still had so much fake blood left! ;P

Photographer: Ryusei