Eren Yeager (立体機動特務兵)

Eren Yeager (立体機動特務兵) – Shingeki no kyojin

tumblr_n2fh5fS9rV1qgyuxco1_400About this costume:

I love wearing my Eren cosplay but still, I wanted a new version, because always the same gets boring after a while. The game “Wings of Counterattack” has tons of cool versions, so it was difficult to choose. I decided on this one because of a friend who asked me to be her cosplay partner. It’s a nice and easy one which didn’t take much work, so I could make it within a short time. I made new pants, gloves, a sleeveless version of his shirt and the black cape.
As for the location, we decided on something that looks like a ‘desert’, because we thought it fits the outfit. (^.~) Maybe, one day, the Scouting Legion will explore the desert? Their gears probably won’t be much help there.

Photographers: Matthias Bender

Cosplay partner: San-Chi, Jack