Doma Umaru

Doma Umaru – Himouto Umaru-chan

About this costume:

The story how I came up with the idea to cosplay Umaru-chan is quite funny. It all started because of a coincidence: I had an amazon voucher and didn’t know what to get for it so I searched randomly for wigs in colors I like. This is how I found Umaru’s wig. Only after buying it I read that it’s a character wig and so I started watching the anime. I was instantly happy that I got this wig because I fell in love with Umaru. She’s such a cute and funny character and I really wanted to cosplay her after watching the show. I got the cape for a very good price from another cosplayer who had it for sale, so there wasn’t much missing. I was very happy to have a collaboration with Jlist/Jbox who sponsored all the yummy sweets and made this shooting extremely funny and unique. (^o^)

Photographer: Sean