Sakuma Jirou (Inazuma Japan)

Sakuma Jirou (Inazuma Japan) – Inazuma Eleven

About this costume:

This is my allround costume! I wore it for three different characters. Very useful! XD I bought a simple blue shirt for it, because the whole shirt was cheaper than buying fabric. Then I added all the details. The Inazuma Japan badge is embroidered. A fellow cosplayer made it for my friends and me. *_* I like Sakuma in his Inazuma Japan outfit more than in the Teikoku one and I also think blue suits me more than green. ^^” For Sakuma I have to use darker make-up not only for my face but also for my arms and legs because I’m very pale (like Hiroto). I think I look a little strange with darker skin but maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it.

Photographer: Ryusei