Cure Melody

Cure Melody – Suite Precure

About this costume:

I always wanted to make a costume of a magical girl series and then I saw Cure Melody. I know the Precure series because of their beautiful outfits but I never watched any season of it. I started watching Suite Precure because I wanted to know more about Melody’s character and it made me laugh that she turned out to be my favorite Cure girl. I love this cosplay because it’s all pink. I was used to making many frills from other costumes but I was still really sick of frills and ribbons after finishing this costume. The wig is a prestyled one from a Japanese wig store which has many awesome wigs. Unfortunately it’s damn expensive and they don’t ship overseas directly, so I don’t order there often. It’s always a bit tricky to buy prestyled wigs and this one is a little too small for me. But I’m still happy that I decided on it, because the quality is so awesome. The wig is very thick and smooth. And since the shoes are uncomfortable as hell (I can’t really walk on high heels ^^”), it doesn’t really matter that the wig is the same. XD

Photographer: Chikako, Marco Russo