Cinnabar – Houseki no kuni

About this costume:

I admit that I started watching Houseki no kuni only because I thought the idea with all the sparkling gems would be awesome for cosplay. But I never thought that I’d enjoy the show so much and would become so excited about Shinsha, my favorite gem right from the start.
The costume itself was bought because I found a rather cheap one and the quality is still really great. All I had to do was making a new belt and changing some parts of the sleeves. The main work was the wig. I sewed in glitter strand by strand and I made the long strand in front of her face with wire inside. I didn’t want it to hang down in front of my face all the time when in the anime, Shinsha’s hair seems to flow permanently as if she was underwater.

Photographer: Cupcake Studios, Konterer

Cosplay partner: Koucchi