Ciel Phantomhive (Christmas version)

Ciel Phantomhive (Christmas version) – Kuroshitsuji

About this costume:

This was the first outfit I made of Ciel. The design came out soon after I had started reading the manga and since I always wanted to make a christmas related cosplay, this was the perfect chance. The stripes on the cape, one the boots and on the ribbon for the hat are painted and I also made all the little cotton balls myself. The hat is made out of cardboard. It was the first time I made a hat and it was fun. It’s not even difficult to make those hats and they look really cute. :3 This wig is also the first one that I dyed. I didn’t like all the basic gray wigs that I found in shops. It was important for me to have one with the typical blue shade. So I bought one and added it myself.

Photographer: ILostMyFaceInTokyo