Ayase Eli (Thief)

Ayase Eli (Thief) – Love Live

Ayase Eli (Thief)About this costume:

This is one of Eli’s outfits which I wanted to make since a very long time but never found the time for it. So when I saw a friend of mine selling hers, I couldn’t say ‘No’. It was perfect timing, since the weather forecast for the next event was so bad that I really needed something with at least long tights. I’m glad I got the chance to wear this cosplay despite my lack of time. It’s a really good quality too and was super comfortable to wear. As for my “own” work on it, I only bought the monocle and added the see-through glove thingy or whatever it’s supposed to be. So not really much to do. That’s why instead I focused on preparing the photoshooting and I’m happy that everything worked out so well with the balloons and bubbles and all that. It was a lot of fun! ^^

Photographers: Meermiau, Hubby