Ayase Eli (Steampunk)

Ayase Eli (Steampunk) – Love Live

About this costume:

Since Eli has so many pretty outfits and is such a cool character, she became my favorite female character to cosplay. I always wanted to do something related to steampunk style so when this outfit was released, my decision to sew it was made within seconds. It was the first time after a while that I made something with more details and I noticed I’m still very impatient. Always happy when I finished work like that, ha ha! Because of the steampunk theme I picked different kinds of fabric that I thought would fit. I ended up with a mix of velvet, fake leather and a matte fabric even for the skirt. It wasn’t easy to combine steampunk with the idol theme because idols are usually always so shiny! I hope you like my choices. The brown velvet was horrible to sew and my flat looked like a mess. Definitely worst part of the costume! The skirts and blouse were easy compared to that and everything worked out just fine. For me, costumes with several layers like this one are never comfortable to wear because in my daily life I love comfy casual clothes, woooops! X’D But I’m still happy with how it looks so it’s fine! (^^)

Photographers: Meikies, Harrasaki, Meermiau

Cosplay partner: Sayra