Assist (Shuran Set)

Assist (Shuran Set) – Fly for Fun

About this costume:

Fly for Fun or Flyff is the only MMORPG that I ever played. I love this game and the outfits of the characters. I wanted to make one of them for years. I don’t even know why it took me so long to finally make it. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make an Assist because my own character in the game was this job class and I always liked it best. I was unsure about the outfit itself but in the end I decided to make the Shuran Set because I liked the combination of the colors and that it had a skirt instead of panties. Finding fabrics that look good together wasn’t easy and I had to make the bias tape myself again. Luckily I had help with the shoulder plates because I’m not good in working with Wonderflex. Originally I planned to make the same hairstyle as in the game, but then I thought it looked better without a braid and since in the game you can choose between many different hairstyles, I went for this one.

Photographers: Marco Russo, theDevil, BlackButterfly

Cosplay partner: Ryusei, Gino, Zelos