Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham – Resident Evil

About this costume:

When I played Resident Evil 4, I remember that all people I know hated Ashley. ^^” She’s quite useless in the game and all she does is screaming “Help, Leon, help!” all the time. But somehow I never got tired of it. She’s a cute helpless girl who gets kidnapped by zombie mutants. I don’t know about you, but I would scream for help as well. I decided to make her costume because I thought she looks similar to me. When I finished the costume, I didn’t think that anymore but I still like it. I just wish I had a handsome Leon to take photos with. ^_~ The pattern on her sweater and skirt are painted with textile colors. I was lucky to find an orange shirt on ebay and I just had to change it a little. That saved me a lot of work.

Cosplay partner: Ryusei