Amane Misa

Amane Misa – Death Note

About this costume:

After making tons of cosplays from Raito / Light from Death Note I got so tired of suits and I wanted to do something completely different. XD Misa seems to be a not very popular character, but I like her. She’s not stupid, only a little naive. Misa is usually into Gothic Lolita fashion and this outfit which she wears in episode 31 of the anime is very different from her others. I don’t know many cosplayers who made it and I don’t understand why, because it’s just so cute. *_* But I admit, this costume is better for shootings than for conventions because it is very naked. I used a basic bra for the top and covered it with the pink fabric. It was easier this way, since it already had the right shape. I used silk to make the outfit look shiny and expensive, because I can imagine Misa to spend a lot of money for lingerie. The fabric was very thin and not easy to sew. On top of that, it gets creases so easily. I will probably think twice before using silk for another cosplay. ^^”

Photographer: Ryusei