Alice – Pandora Hearts

About this costume:

Pandora Hearts is one of my favorite series ever and Alice is a very important character for me. We have a lot in common. She’s an outgoing girl, who seems to be a little rough but actually she’s a very caring person. And on top of that: She loves meat and is always hungry. Just like me. XD I wore this outfit of Alice before, when a friend lent me her cosplay. But since I love Alice so much, I wanted to make the costume myself as well. I’m glad I could make it in the end because I planned to do so for many years. It wasn’t that difficult because I already had parts of it like the wig and boots from years ago when I started working on the costume but never finished it. I’m not fully satisfied with the coat though. I had to rush a little to get it done in time for the convention. But I still hope the overall costume looks okay.

Photographers: Rebecca Aho Koga, San-Chi

Cosplay partner: San-Chi, Mikami