Alice (Red dress)

Alice (Red dress) – Pandora Hearts

About this costume:

This is one of my favorite costumes so far. When I saw the artwork it was love at first sight. It took quite long to make all the frills but after making Ciel’s Sleepy Hollow dress, it wasn’t much of a challenge and I was already used to spending hours with those parts. XD The back part of the dress is so long that I always have to carry it on conventions to avoid stepping on it. ^^” I used the same wig as for my Latowidge outfit of Alice. It’s the best wig of this length I own, because although it’s so long and I wore it so many times, it’s still very easy to brush it. Awesome quality! *_* (It was from a German wig shop called Kalz.) Since Alice’s eyes are usually purple, I used purple lenses as well and ignored the fact that her eyes are orange on this artwork. I just thought it will look better with purple.

Photographers: Andy K, Franky

Cosplay partner: Ryusei, Mikami, Shirou