Here is a list of questions that come up quite often. If you have any other questions, you can always contact me. :3

Q: Do you make these costumes yourself?

A: Most of my costumes are self-made. If I didn’t make a costume or a part of it myself, I will always write that in the description of the costume.

Q: Which pattern did you use?

A: Most of my patterns are self-made or bought and modified and not professional. I change and combine them for every new costume and I usually don’t remember all the parts that I changed during the progress. That’s why I can’t give you my patterns. I’m very sorry for this!

Q: Where do you buy wigs?

A: Most of my wigs are from these shops:
My favorite shop is JC Punk.

Q: Where do you buy contact lenses?

A: Most of my contact lenses are from Pinky Paradise or LensFlavor.

Q: Can you help me with my cosplay?

A: I can try to give you advice if you ask me specific questions. Please don’t ask “How did you make this cosplay?” because that question is too general. You can always ask me about details and I try my best to answer your questions. Just send me an e-mail.

Q: Can I buy this costume?

A: From time to time I add costumes to my store which you can find here.

Q: Do you offer commissions?

A: Sorry, I don’t have time to offer commissions.

Q: Will you visit this or that event?

A: If you want to see me at your local event, you can suggest me to the event organiser as a guest, contest judge or for workshops. I would gladly come to visit your country!

Q: Do you sell prints?

A: I sell signed photo prints from time to time in my store. Please have a look! ^^


Got more questions? Feel free to ask me! ^^