Work in progress: Shingeki no kyojin – 3D maneuver gear

Finally I finished my 3D maneuver gear! Yatta!!! \(^o^)/
Here’s a rough summary of how I made it. :3

First of all bless this tutorial and translation. Without that, I would have failed completely, I’m quite sure of that.

Alright, let’s get started! \(^o^)/
First I made the hilts which somehow took longer than expected. I’m very slow with creating patterns. >_< They are made of three layers: PVC, foam sheet in the middle and then again PVC. Then I added the bicycle brakes and made the details with worbla finest art.

Next I made those big boxes. I cut everything out of PVC but I also added a wooden frame on the inside just to make it more solid. I glued everything with montage glue. I can highly recommend this glue! It’s really awesome because you can also use sand paper to get a really smooth surface. (*o*)

I used Coke bottles for the top part but I recommend you to take some solid plastic bottles like from a water sprayer. Mine were not the best choice because the plastic was very thin and flexible. (>_<) Gave me a hard time! The only advantage was that they’re easy to cut. (^-^)”

I used black acrylic spray as a foundation and then chrome spray as the final layer. I created the used-look by adding some black acrylic color with a brush.

Finished boxes and gas bottles look like this:

The “drum” was the most fun for me! It’s another bigger pipe and the frame of a toy drum. (I laughed so much about this! Haha, best idea ever! XD)

The rotor blades inside (or whatever that is) are made of Worbla. I glued them around a chopstick. (lol) And the chopstick is fixed with a little foam core which I glued onto the bottom inside the drum.

Last but not least I made the small details for the belt. Those are not very interesting and difficult to make. Again I used PVC for the front part (the part where the hooks are shot out of). You need to heaten it up quite a while before you can bend it, but it works! I found awesome leather with a wooden pattern so I glued this onto the PVC. This leather was so expensive! (;_;) But I really like it a lot!

At this point I already felt like “Almost, almost! I’m almost done!!!” Haha. (^w^) Last but not least I added the wires and made the blades. (I can’t believe I really made 12 blades in total. I’m so done with this world!) Both is not very difficult or much to show, so I didn’t take any more progress photos.
Instead, have some photos of the finished gear and how it looks when wearing it. Don’t mind my cosplay, there are still some belts missing for the legs. But it’s aaaaalmost finished! (*A*)

IMG_2161b IMG_2170b
IMG_2178b IMG_2179b   IMG_2165b

Ready to kill all titans! \(`A´)/


I will wear the costume in September at Connichi (Kassel) together with my dear friends as Mikasa, Armin, Rivaille and Hanji. I’m looking forward to it a lot. (*_*) I have a lot of plans with this costume, I hope everything will work out. <3 Thanks for reading! (^o^)