Shingeki no Kyojin – Attack on Titan CMV coming soon!

Finally I can announce that another Cosplay Music Video will be coming soon!

Movieposter 2

vlcsnap-2013-11-11-20h20m29s238 copyOnce more we all gathered to present you another entertaining cosplay music video. Once more we want to bring a great animation to life.
In summer we started planning. One month ago the recordings started. End of December or in January 2014 at the latest, we will present you the finished CMV of Shingeki no Kyojin – Attack on Titan. It will be a music video of 4-5 minutes staring Eren, Rivaille, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha, Hanji, Christa, Petra aaand maybe more? (^.~) Stay tuned and prepare for Shingeki no Cosplay! \(^o^)/ For all news and updates, behind the scenes and funny outtakes, check out facebook.