Sakura Futaba (Persona 5)

Sakura Futaba – Persona 5

About this costume:

My friend got me into Persona when she said she wants to cosplay Ann. I got curious when I saw the character design of Futaba because I really like her style. That’s why I started watching playthroughs of this game. I was so happy to see that Futaba doesn’t only look cute but has a really adorable character and I absolutely fell in love with her! The costume was easy to make. I painted and printed the shirt and changed simple hotpants, adding the lace and selfmade belts. Luckily I already had matching boots and just needed to add some details. The headphones are painted with acrylic paint. For the jacket I bought two similar ones from a second hand shop and basically combined them. I had to shorten it, add the print on the back and the fake fur collar and it turned out more work than expected but since the rest was simple, that was fine. :)

Photographer: つぁうべらー, Captured., Kouhai, Sayra

Cosplay partner: Maiyo, Vvine, Calssara