Review: Wigaholics wig

Hi guys! I’m back with another wig review for you. This time from a shop I didn’t know before. It’s called Wigaholics. They also have a facebook page.

The shop asked me to pick any wig from their shop so I decided on “Two Tone Light Brown/Red Long Wavy 80 cm”.

The shipment was quite fast and the wig did not end up in the customs but was delivered directly to my home without any problems.

When I opened the package I was surprised because I found a lot more than “only” the wig. What I already know from other sellers is that you get a free wig cap but this shop added a lot more: a small brush, bobby pins and even a plastic wig stand. This impressed me the most, because I never had a foldable wig stand, only wig heads and those are obviously not good for travelling because they take lots of space in your suitcase. Now I finally have a nice wig stand like this, too. *happy* I didn’t really need the brush and bobby pins but for others it might be useful. If you buy from this shop, you basically get a “wig starter set” including everything you need to wear the wig correctly.

IMG_9912But now lets talk about the wig itself. The color was exactly like in the online shop so this is the first big plus. It’s a really beautiful, natural color and I often got asked if it’s my real hair. ;3c I also like the red strands. They are a bit longer so that the red is more visible. The hair feels very smooth and silky, and it reflects the light in a natural way. Not too much to look like plastic but still enough to look nice.


Now sadly I have to add a negative part about the wig as well: It is very, very thin! You could clearly see parts of the wig’s net at the back of my head when I wore it. Also when brushing it normally it looses more hair than other wigs I own and you have to comb it a lot! On the other hand, it’s sold in the online shop for quite a low price so if you want to save some money and don’t plan to wear it several times but maybe only a few times, it might be a good choice.

P1070988bI can recommend the wig for natural looks, not only for cosplay. If you plan to make a cosplay with a very fancy hairstyle that needs lots of cutting, styling, adjusting and whatever, I would not recommend this wig. It’s not really made for this purpose. All in all it depends on what you wanna use it for. For my spontaneous autumn shooting it was really good, but I probably wouldn’t use it for events because of the visible net in the back.

You can see more photos of the wig in my gallery. Just click on any of the photos and you’ll get there. That’s it for now. Hope this review was helpful for you. ^^