Review: Rolecosplay – Love Live Sunshine Dia Kurosawa

I want to introduce another cosplay shop to you which I recently discovered: RoleCosplay

I got my latest Dia Kurosawa cosplay from this shop and I’d like to tell you about it. :3

Usually I prefer to order custom size cosplays because my measurements are difficult. (>~<) I need XS for shirts and M-L for pants because my butt is fatter than Asian girls’! XD This time I dared to order not-custom size but standard size. And it FITTED!!! I ordered size M just to be sure, because it’s always easier to make something smaller than to make it bigger. In this case, I only had to make the top part a biiiit smaller by adding small tucks. But that was a work of 10 minutes? Easy! ^^ So yeah, I was really happy with the size. Some shops might be difficult because they’re specified on Asian sizes and those are completely different from European ones. But in this shop you don’t have to worry. What you get is exactly what you see in their size chart.


The light purple and pink fabric of this cosplay is rather thin but not see-through. This makes it good to wear it in summer because you will not sweat much in it. Plus: It’s VERY VERY easy to iron it! I hate ironing so I was so happy about that. XD The white and dark purple fabric is a bit thicker but also has a nice look. I like that they chose a thicker fabric for the white part because white fabric often becomes transparent easily. That would be bad for this apron because it has a dark purple fabric under it. But with this it’s no problem at all, because the dark purple won’t shine through the white. Lucky! (^o^) The only fabric I personally didn’t like was the cravat. Because it looked a bit “cheap”. (><) But since it’s only such a small part of the costume, I can live with that. ^^ The colors all look perfectly fine and close to the original.


All accesoiries of the cosplay were include: The flower hair clip, the anchor pin, the pearl bracelet and the ribbons for the shoes. I added some glitter to the anchor pin, the star on the cravat and the hair clip – just because I like glitter! XD

The shipping time of this item was less than 3 weeks which I think is really fast. It came in a plastic bag with a zipper which is very useful to store the costume! (Even the package looked high quality, wow! O_O) I didn’t have to pay any custom fees which is always a plus I want to add because custom fees can be annoying.


The communication with this shop went smoothly. They always replied to me more or less fast, which means approximately within 2 days. Their English is very good and they adjust to the customer wishes a lot. At first they didn’t have Dia’s version of this cosplay in their shop, so I asked about it and they instantly told me they have it and added it to their shop.

The best thing of this shop is definitely: The PRICE! Have you ever seen such a cheap price for a cosplay like this? I was really surprised how much quality I got for so little money. I can definitely recommend this shop to people who are looking for a pretty cosplay and have low budget. You will get exactly what you see on the photos, so I’m really happy I found this shop. (*_*)