Review: Pinky Paradise Princess Pinky Eurasia Collection khaki green

Hi guys!

I’m bringing you a new review. Pinky Paradise asked me to pick any color of their new Princess Pinky Eurasia Collection. I didn’t have any specific character in mind but I really liked the khaki green ones so I took these.It turned out to be the best choice! I ordered them around the 20th August and received exactly one month later, around the 20th of September.

It was shortly before our Mahou Shoujo Site shooting and our Mikari was still missing lenses. What a perfect timing! (^o^) The lenses had the perfect color for Mikari:
So I ended up giving the new lenses to my friend. I know that in the past she often had problems with some contact lenses, for example that they were uncomfortable or she couldn’t even get them in. But she was very happy with the Eurasia ones and wore them without problems for the whole photo shooting day which was around 8 hours. Here’s a photo showing her original eye color (left) and the Eurasia lenses (right).
I love the stunning light green color! It looks really amazing and because of the black circle being not too thick, the lenses still have quite a natural look, not like circle lenses with a very thick black frame. With their 14.0mm diameter they don’t make your eyes too large but with a vibrant color like this, a bigger diameter might even be too much. I think they’re perfect like this and I definitely would pick them for myself too if I cosplay a character with this eye color.

Thank you to Koucchi for agreeing to be the model for this review and to Calssara for taking the photo.