Review: Pinky Paradise EOS New Adult Red

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m bringing you a new review! This time I asked Pinky Paradise for EOS New Adult red. I needed new lenses for my Kashuu Kiyomitsu cosplay and I was sure, the EOS New Adult series would be perfect for this. I’m glad I made this decision, because I was right! (^o^) Sooo, let’s talk about these lenses!


As mentioned in earlier reviews, the lenses are very carefully packed and I think it’s impossible for them to arrive broken, so no need to worry about that. :) This time I got a super cute lense case, which looks like macaroon! And it’s pink! (*^*) I love it! ♥

The EOS New Adult have a diameter of 14.00mm which is smaller than most other circle lenses and big eye lenses I know. This is why I like to choose these lenses also for male characters. My eyes are quite big and I don’t want them to look even bigger when cosplaying male characters. I can also recommend them for female characters where intense color is more important than size. They do have an enlarging effect because of the black frame, but obviously it’s not as much as with 14.5 diametre lenses or even more.
The color is what I like really best because the EOS New Adult series has amazing bright and vivid colors. Even in dark rooms they are perfectly visible on my eyes (which are brown).  If you have dark eyes, you will still be very happy with these lenses. I also like the ‘pattern’ on them!

The water content is 38% and I didn’t have any problem with wearing these lenses for over 10 hours! They are yearly contact lenses but if you don’t wear them every day and take good care of them, you should easly be able to wear them a little longer. (I know that from previous EOS New Adult lenses which I bought in the past. ^,~) Make sure to keep them clean and always take out lenses if they don’t feel comfortable anymore!

If you are going to order lenses from Pinky Paradise, use the code “Anshie.Cosplay” on the website and you will receive a free gift. (^,~)
Please always check with your doctor first, if you plan to wear lenses for the first time! Thank you for reading! <3

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