Review: Pinky Paradise EOS New Adult Green

I got a pair of pretty contact lenses from Pinky Paradise. Maybe some of you have heard of that shop before since it’s quite popular for selling very cool color contact lenses. This is why I’m glad to get the chance to write a little review about the lenses I picked:

EOS New Adult Green


When it comes to a bright green shade, these have been my lenses of choice since a long time. Yes, I used them for several older cosplays already, so I can really recommend them to you on a long-term experience! (^^)b
My eyes are brown as you can see on the photos. It might be a very light brown but it’s still dark enough to make it difficult to find lenses that will cover up my natural eye color. This is why I really love the New Adult series. I actually had those in blue, red, yellow/brown, and purple. All of them covered my natural eye color perfectly.
Pinky Paradise sent me the EOS New Adult together with a free lens case and some… I don’t know how it’s called. Something like a hair accessory that you can use to hold your hair back and make sure it won’t be in the way while putting in the contact lenses. You can see it on the first photo below. The pink little plastic package. As you can also see on the photo, the lenses are VERY well packed! So you don’t have to worry that the glass could break during the transport. That’s basically impossible. You can also see the lens in the glass on the next photo.

Next, I took photos of me wearing just one lens, so you can see the different to my normal eye color. The color is just slightly darker when taking photos inside a room. I think I don’t have to mention how intense the green color looks. You can see that yourself. (^,~)

Click on the photos below for a bigger close-up.

In room:

In daylight:IMG_8006

The dark circle around the lens makes them look a little unnatural, so I would suggest using those rather for cosplay than for events where you might want a more natural look. But if you need something that will enlarge your eyes, these are great! They’re 14 mm diameter, so they’re not huge and you don’t risk any alien style but still get a pretty enlarging effect.
When it comes to comfort, I easily wore them at conventions from early morning until late evening. It wasn’t a problem at all. I also use eye drops because my eyes usually get dry easily no matter if I’m wearing lenses or not. My eye drops never caused any harm on the lenses. They’re really durable! (^^)b

That’s it. I hope you liked my little review. (^o^) Last but not least, for those who read through it, I have a little present: A coupon code!!

If you are going to order lenses from Pinky Paradise, use the code “Anshie.Cosplay” on the website and you will receive a free animal lens case and a mystery gift. Of course I cannot tell you what it will be, haha! It’s a surprise! (^,~)
Please always check with your doctor first, if you plan to wear lenses for the first time! Thank you for reading! <3