Review: Pinky Paradise EOS New Adult Blue

I’m bringing you a new lense review! :3 This time, I used the lenses for Uenoyama Ritsuka from the anime Given. And these are the lenses, I want to introduce to you:

EOS New Adult Blue

Size and color:
I was looking for contact lenses with a relatively normal diameter, not too big because I planned to use these lenses for a male character. My eyes are already very big, so adding lenses which have an enlarging effect would  be contraproductive for male characters. Now, when you search for lenses with a natural diameter, you will often find those which don’t have vibrant colors, because they’re made for daily use and meant to look natural – not like cosplay lenses. This is why I love the EOS New Adult series! With their diameter of 14.0mm, the don’t make the eyes look too big, but they still come in super vibrant colors which look stunning on photos and have the effect we want for many cosplays. My natural eye color is amber, as you can see on the photo. But I’m quite sure that the color of these lenses would still be visible on darker eyes.

I took photos with different light seetings, to show you the effect. As you can see, even without additional lights in my room, and some shadows on the left eye, the color is still clearly visible.

In a room without additional light:

When using an additional softbox, of course the blue looks a lot brighter as you can see below. There are so many different shades of blue and luckily also a huge variety of lenses nowadays, so I hope these photos will help you deciding if the color will fit for your character. The blue in these photos is exactly how it came out of the camera, no photoshop used.

With studio lights:

And this is how the lenses look when you take a photo without focus on the eyes. Still very vibrant blue! My character doesn’t have any outstanding, visible features except from his blue eyes, so it was important to me that the eye color will look bright even from afar and I think that turned out well with the EOS New Adult Blue. (^w^) I’m very happy with them!

Water content and comfort:
Another thing which was important to me is that the lenses are comfortable to wear. Usually you shouldn’t were color contact lenses for too many hours without a break but for this photo shooting I knew that I will have to wear them for a long time. In the end, I wore them for around 10 hours and they were still very comfortable. My eyes are quite sensitive and I often have problems with dry eyes too, so comfortable lenses are extremely important to me. The water content of these lenses is 38% and I could wear them for so long without any problems, yay! “(\(^o^)/)”

Customer support:
A reason why Pinky Paradise became my favorite lense shop over the years, is their outstanding customer support and delivery times. Whenever you contact them, it feels like writing an old friend. Their replies are always personal, they treat me like a valued individual and not ‘just a random customer’ which is shown by them always knowing details about each order and even knowing what lenses I ordered in the past. They make really good recommendations if you don’t know which lenses you should pick.

Delivery time:
This is the next big plus about Pinky Paradise. The shipment time is incredibly short! Even if they ship from Asia, the lenses often arrive within less than two weeks. Sometimes even within one week. This is the best because I’m a very spontaneous cosplayer and sometimes I need lenses very urgently. I’m happy that I can rely on them! :3

Discount for you:
If you are going to order lenses from Pinky Paradise, use the code “anshie10” on the website and you will receive 10% discount and a free gift. (^,~)