Review: Lensflavors Geo Starmish Brown

Hi guys, how are you doing? I have another color lense recommendation for you! (^o^) This time I tried light brown lenses from the shop Lensflavors. The lenses I picked are Geo starmish brown.


The lenses arrived really fast. I didn’t expect them this early to be honest! XD They came with a free lense case as you might know from most online shops.

With 14.5mm diameter these lenses are not really thaaaat big but I wanted something with a more natural look that will simply make my brown eyes look more intense. Turned out these lenses were a good choice!

As you can see on the photo, they make my eyes bigger and the color looks more vivid and kinda golden. I really like this effect and the structure of the lenses. Also the difference from wearing them inside a room or outside is not that big. The effect and color are clearly visible even with not much light.

I wore them for around 6 hours at home because there was no event where I could test them recently. They are really comfortable even if I was sitting in my room with dry air during the very hot summer days lately! This is a big plus especially when you get dry eyes easily.

So if you ever look for light brown lenses with a slight yellow/orange/golden tint, I can recommend these to you!