Review: Lensflavors Venus Eye Bright Red

Hi guys! I’m bringing you another lense review. This time it’s Venus Eye Bright red from LensFlavors!
I hope it’ll help you when you choose your next color contact lenses! :3 Aaaand here we go!

Delivery time:
The shop told me the delivery time would be between 14-25 work days. The lenses arrived after only 11 work days. Wow! I think that’s a speed record for overseas shipment! XD
You can see how I received the lenses on the photo. It’s a big envelope and the glass was packed well so it definitely won’t break. The invoice was attached on the outside of the envelope which is important for some countries, like Germany. Thanks to that, I didn’t have to go to the customs, yay! :)

IMG_2349Size and water content:
The lenses have a diameter of 14 mm and water content of 38% which is normal for most lenses I use. I can easily wear those lenses the whole day. They’re soft and comfortable. The diameter is not so big but because of the black circle they still have a slightly enlarging effect. I like to use those for male characters because I don’t want to cosplay guys with giant eyes. (^.~) If you don’t want a super huge enlarging effect you can as well use those for female characters.

When it comes to the color and intensity they are very similar to the EOS New Adult. I used those previously and when I compared both it’s really difficult to tell them apart. You could probably wear one of each at the same time and nobody would notice it’s two different lenses. (^.~) So in case you were unsure if to buy those or the EOS New Adult – it’s really more or less the same. The color is a vivid red. On my light brown eyes they’re very intense but I think even on darker eyes they will be nicely visible. If your cosplay character has more of a wine red eye color, I wouldn’t recommend these lenses. They’re rather fitting for deep red, not wine red.