Review: JC Punk wigs (Free, Haikyuu, Black Bullet)

This time I got a review of 3 character wigs for you! :)


– Gou Matsuoka (Free)
– Rentaro Satomi (Black Bullet)
– Tobio Kageyama (Haikyuu)



Quality and styling:
I can only repeat what I always say: I love JCPunk! They never disappoint me. The quality of the wigs is great. The wigs are smooth and soft, easy to comb and to style with normal hairspray. They can be formed easily with the hair-dryer as well as with hot water. I never had problems with accidentally burning them.
There was just one little minus this time: Kageyama was the first black wig I ordered from JCPunk and for some reason it didn’t like my hairspray. I had to be a little more careful and use not too much or otherwise it became gray/white on some strands of the wig. Do you know this problem? I really don’t understand why it happens and why always just with black wigs. I don’t think it’s a problem of JC’s quality but must have to do with the color black. But why…? Anyway – be a little careful and you won’t have any problems.

The colors of JCPunk wigs are always perfect for the characters. That’s why I trust them a lot, not only with general basic wigs but also with specific character wigs. As you can see with Rentaro’s wig, the shop is really good with mixed colors, too.

How you will receive the wig (before you style it):
Like in most shops, the JCPunk wigs will arrive a little bit longer than you will need them for the characters. This was especially the case for the short wigs and bangs. As you might know, most shops keep them a little bit longer, so that you can cut them yourself and adjust them to the shape of your own face. On the photos in this post, he wigs are already cut by me, so don’t expect them to arrive them like this. ;3 Anyway, I can recommend these wigs also to beginners. Because they have SO much hair, that you won’t see if you do a little cutting mistake. You will most likely always have enough hair to fix it and get a nice result even if it’s your first try. ;3