Review: JC Punk wig (Chitoge Kirisaki)

I got another wig review for you! :)


– Chitoge Kirisaki (Nisekoi)




This is my Chitoge wig! :3 It’s from JC Punk! Actually almost all my wigs are from this shop because I love it! (*~*) I can always rely on the wigs having a great quality and looking exactly as in the shop photos, so I always know what I will get. Whenever I make a new cosplay, this is always the first shop I check for a fitting wig. (^^)


The wig consists of a long basic wig + an extra attached butterfly clip. Both are slightly wavy which I like a lot! The clip is also very thick, which is good, especially for this character. Make sure to pin / glue the wig to your head or else it will be too heavy. (I use skin glue on my forehead just where the wig net starts and it works fine! :3)


The color is a very nice yellowish blonde. It looks bright which fits the anime style of Nisekoi but it’s still not ‘unnatural yellowish’. It’s a very nice in-between shade and looks good in real life as well as on photos. (^^) The tips of Chitoge’s hair are light pink. I really like how they mixed it in! The amount is just right.

The photos show the already styled wig but I didn’t have to do much apart from cutting the bangs, which you can see in the photos. The ribbon was also included so I saved the time of making it, yay! ♥

Last but not least, the shipping from Asia to Europe (Germany in my case) was as always. I think it was about 2 weeks. This is perfectly fine if you ask me. :) I’m happy I picked another wig of my favorite shop. Was a good decision! (^o^)