Review: Cosplay sky & myCostumes wigs

Today I want to write reviews for two wig supplier and compare their wigs. ^^

I got two wigs from Cosplay sky:
And one wig + additional wefts from myCostumes:

The styling I made was for the character Kashuu Kiyomitsu from Touken Ranbu:

Let’s start with the wigs from Cosplay sky:


Two wigs, each for $25 is a normal price for a wig. But you have to make sure to order in time, because they ship from China and it might take a while.
The wigs are veeeeery smooth! They feel really silky and soft. Also they have a beautiful shimmer in sunlight. I would describe this as typical “smooth Asian hair”. Also they have a lot of hair so you don’t have to worry about bald spots. I was really happy when I got them because I like this silky style a lot.
What I didn’t like so much is that they don’t have a big skin top which limits the styles you can make out of it. But if you’re willing to put some work into them, you can still make various hair styles. In my case, I didn’t need a “dot-shape parting” but a “stroke side parting”. (I dunno how to call it but you can clearly see it on the pictures. ;3) I used some wefts from the additional long wig and sewed them on top and front of the short wig. Then I used a hair dryer to shape the wefts with heat. This wig shapes easily with heat so you should be careful and don’t heat it too much! Also, the silky material might be a little bothersome when styling, because it will slip through your fingers easily. Last but not least I added the long strands in the back.

Now let’s talk about the products from myCostumes:


The wig was $32 and the wefts around $22. I think $32 for a short wig is going a liiiittle into the “expensive” direction, but it’s still okay, especially because you get an extremely multi-stylable wig. For German customers, the big plus is that this shop sells directly from Germany (as long as the wigs are in stock), so this is great for last minute cosplays.
The quality of myCostumes wigs is very different from Cosplay sky. The hair is less silky but still smooth. It has an less intense shimmer in sunlight so I would say it looks more natural. The wigs are VERY thick!! You have such an huge amount of hair, it’s unbelievable! Also these wigs have a very big skin top (which justifies the price in my opinion, because those are always more expensive). Due to that, I didn’t have to sew in any additional wefts apart from the long hair in the back. This saves a lot of time and work. But in my case, the wig was still a lot of work because it was simply too much hair for me. My head looked very big and I had to thin out the wig a lot. Yes, sometimes wigs can even be too thick! XD I also used a hair dryer to slightly shape the tips of the hair and I got the feeling that these wigs are more heat-resistant. It was easier to shape the wig because the strands slipped away less.

To sum it up:
Cosplay sky: very smooth, silky, shiny and thick but small skin top
myCostumes: smooth but less silky / shiny, more natural, very thick, big skin top

All in all I like both suppliers a lot. The quality of the wigs is great and what might look like a “disadvantage” will be an advantage for someone else, depending on what styling you want to make out of the wigs. So you should always consider before buying what exactly you want to use the wig for.
Now I have two Kashuu wigs which I both like and I’m not sure which one I will use for the next shooting. I’ll have to try both in combination with make-up and the costume to see which one will look more fitting for the shape of my face. For your reference: At the cherry blossom shooting and Animuc I was wearing the myCostumes wig because Cosplay sky arrived later.

I hope the information was useful for some of you. Please check out both shops! I can recommand both equally! ^^