New shooting: Shingeki no kyojin

I’m a little late with writing blogs, I’m so sorry! The last weeks have been busy for me. (T^T) But now I’m going to tell you a little about what I did the past weeks.

On the 31th of December my friends and me had our last shooting for the year. And of course it had to be Shingeki no kyojin! (≧ω≦) We rented a beautiful castle location and this time we got the chance to have Reika join us, since she was visiting Germany for a few days.
We got up at 4 am on that day and after picking up everyone we drove to the location. It was soooo cold!!! But luckily we got a heated room where we could leave all our bags and equipment and go in to warm up now and then.
We had the talanted photographers Devil and Chikara with us and also Diesel who made a very nice and funny making of video of our shooting. Thanks again to all of you guys. You’re amazing!


I posted some of the photos on my gallery here but there are also some on the facebook fanpages of all of us, so you should take a look if you’re curious! ^^

Mizukishou as Mikasa
San-Chi as Armin
Reika as Levi
Chikako as Petra
and myself as Eren

Photographers + Videographer: