New photos: Akemi Homura

Some weeks ago I had a shooting with a costume which is very dear to me because I put a lot of effort into it and I love the character so much. <3 I’m talking about my Akemi Homura cosplay.
I never really got the chance to take photos of her shy moe personality and since I’m saying “Bye-bye” to many cosplays lately (meaning: selling them to get space for new ones), I absolutely had to do that before letting go of Moemura. ♥
My photographer did a really great job during that shooting because he was managing the smoke, lights and everything on his own without an assistant. And it was so dark in that forest that he couldn’t even see me through the camera. XD Blind photography, yay!
Please have a look at the new photos! They’re all in the gallery which you can find by clicking on the preview below! :3