New costume: Saniwa (Touken Ranbu)

Hi all! This update comes way too late. Can’t believe I didn’t update my website with any new costume I made this year and half of 2019 is already over. I’m sorry! (ú/)(\ú) What can I say? There was a lot going on in my private live but also when it comes to cosplay. The first quarter of 2019 our Violet Evergarden CMV kept me busy. After the recordings I went to Japan for a month and after I came back I had 3 weeks to sew a new cosplay for an event… I also had several shootings so right now I’m in editing hell. I also got some computer upgrades which was necessary for editing our CMV. Now I can finally start with it (when it gets a bit colder because editing with 30+ degrees is not fun. ^^”

Long story short, I just wanted to give you a little summary of my year so far. I wasn’t lazy even if it might have looked like that. :P Now please have a look at the first costume I made in 2019: A saniwa, called Hatsuzuki, from my favorite Touken Ranbu doujinika, Yamori-san. Watch the full gallery out by clicking the preview below: