New costume: IA

Hey guys! ^^ It’s a shame I update my blog here so rarely. But this year is really crazy busy for me. Still I try to catch up now and I finally uploaded the full gallery for IA (Vocaloid). I wore this cosplay for the first time at J-Popcon in Denmark in March. The shooting took place in July. Yes, it took about four month for Calssara and me to find a weekend where we were both free! This is crazy, haha! (^^)” Anyway, it was a really funny shooting and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m quite happy with the result. I wanted it to look futuristic and a little magical, too.
You can see the full gallery by clicking on the thumbnail:

I cosplayed a lot of idols and singers this year. I still have to add Sheryl (Macross) and Chieri (AKB0048) on this website, as well as Eren’s counterattack version (Shingeki no kyojin) and there’s more to come soon! Please stay tuned! (^,~)