Kurosawa Dia (School uniform)

Kurosawa Dia – Love Live Sunshine

About this costume:

When the first pictures of the Love Live Sunshine girls were released I was torn between Dia and Riko. But as soon as we got more information about their characters I quickly decided to cosplay as Dia. Her character fits a lot more into my ‘pattern’ and I started to like her a lot. Since there was an upcoming event near a river, I thought this would be a good location for this costume and it was fast and easy to sew since I already had all the fabrics at home anyway. The embarrassing fact about this costume is that the hair pins were the most difficult to make. Bought ones looked too small, too long… too whatever. So in total I made over 20 hairpins before I decided which one to use. If it’s not a complicated cosplay: Make it complicated! Ha ha! (^^)”

Photographer: Konterer, Fiona