Kirigiri Kyouko

Kirigiri Kyouko – Dangan Ronpa

Kirigiri KyoukoAbout this costume:

I watched Dangan Ronpa quite late but I liked it. Sadly I cannot play the games because they’re only available in Japanese. Kirigiri was my favorite character, because she’s so smart and always keeps cool.
I decided to make her jacket out of a firm fabric instead of leather. Same for the gloves. I was worried that leather might look too “wild” for a quiet character like her. I really don’t like working with leather either and the color of this fabric was just too perfect not to use it.
I bought character boots for her but I had to paint them with acrylic to make the color match with the jacket. The posing was the most difficult part during this shootnig. Kirigiri always uses the same pose, so it was hard to be creative, haha! (^^)”

Photographer: vw