Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Gakuen)

Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Gakuen) – Touken Ranbu

Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Gakuen)About this costume:

A very simple costume and a nice excuse to buy this cardigan which I wanted to have anyway! (^.~) Apart from the self-styled wig, there’s not much to say because the clothes are bought. Well, maybe I could mention that I re-dyed the wig and what an eternal struggle the mystery about his hair color is. (Brown? Black? Brownblack? Blackbrown?) ^^”
My Yasusada and I wanted to take photos with cherry blossoms since a year ago and finally we got the chance. I’m super happy! (*~*)
The photos in the classroom were taken in a studio in Tokyo. Couldn’t miss the chance to take my cosplay with me because in Germany we cannot find cosplay locations like that so easily. (>~<)

Photographers: Colicade, Sean

Cosplay partner: Koucchi