I’m back from Japan

As those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter might know, I went to travel to Japan for 3 weeks. I just came home last weekend.

Japan was really awesome and I experienced a lot of great things and got to know so many friendly people. It was a pleasure to spend time with everyone and I hope I can meet all of them again soon. I spent most of the time in Tokyo but I also visited Nara, Kyoto and Osaka.

Of course I bought a loooot of merchandise (mostly Shingeki, haha ^^”) and also tons of clothes. Japanese fashion style is so pretty! And I got really addicted to gashapon machines and game centers, haha. I should be more careful not to spend too much money, next time. (>///<)

I also took two cosplays with me: Alice from Pandora Hearts and Eren from Shingeki no kyojin. I went to a photostudio and to a small cosplay event. It was a great experience. Japanese cosplayers are so friendly and cute! Next year I definitely want to come back! (^v^)

Now I am back in Germany and I have a lot of work waiting for me. Some of it is still a secret but I hope I can tell you more, soon. Until then: I hope you’re alright and enjoy autumn and halloween!!! (*o*)