Event reports: Jpopcon (Denmark), Dokomi (Germany), Animecon (Holland)

Hi guys!
I didn’t write new blogs since ages because I’ve been super busy lately. Lot’s of new stuff is coming up recently and I revised my whole website. Do you like the new layout and style? I hope so! (^o^)
But now let me tell you about some of the events which I visited in the past months. Not enough time to write about all of them, sorry! (>~<)

Jpopcon, Copenhagen (Denmark)

I visited Denmark for the first time. Sadly my friend became ill and couldn’t join me, so I had to travel alone. But I met so many new people during this weekend so I really cannot complain. There were also some other German people who visited Jpopcon as well. It seems like this is one of the events that becomes more and more internationally popular.
Everyone in Denmark was super friendly. Even strangers often came to talk to me or take photos. Some recognized me because of our Shingeki no kyojin CMV, which made me really happy. (>///<)
The event hall and surrounding area of Jpopcon is great and you can find different locations from modern to old buildings if you feel like taking cosplay photos.
Speaking of which: I really enjoyed the cosplay show! All participants did an amazing job and I was especially amazed by the super high level of acting skills and the variety of strage props! I clearly saw the difference between Germany and Denmark. In Germany, we tend to focus mostly on neat sewing. Every outfit looks very professional. In Denmark I saw a huge amount of talented and creative actors. Since I love acting a lot, this was the most interesting thing at Jpopcon for me. Thank you, Denmark for the great show! (^o^)

Dokomi, Düsseldorf (Germany)

And again a first time! I never visited Dokomi before but finally I managed to find the time, yay!
At Dokomi, I worked together with some friends and Yuimino+ at our own little booth. We promoted GREE’s Shingeki no kyojin Trading Card Game “SiegKrone” and took photos with fans. It was a great new experience, because I never had a booth and sold stuff at an event. (The last time I did that was at the flea market, haha!)
In the evening I went to the cosplay ball with my friends and we all wore formal outfits matching our Shingeki characters. We also practiced to dance before going there. It was one of the funniest experience ever!
It was a super hot weekend, so I was happy to be inside and not outside in the heat. On Sunday, when we went outside to the nearby (really really really pretty!!) park and melted while having photoshootings. All in all, I enjoyed Dokomi a lot. It’s definitely an event I can recommend to you!

Animecon, The Hague (Holland)

I already visited Animecon last year, but sadly it had been very cold. This year we were more lucky with the weather!
I was looking forward to Animecon a lot, because many of my international friends visited and I rarely get the chance to meet everyone at once. So even with lots of wind and super uncomfortable cosplay shoes, this event was lots of fun.
What I like a lot about Animecon is that the program usually starts quite late and the party goes on through the night. I really enjoy sleeping a little longer in the morning and still not missing anything, haha!
Also I like the event place a lot and the beach is nearby. For someone living in the center of Germany like me, the beach is something very special, and I was happy like a child so see it and even have a little photoshooting there. It’s like a little dream came true. I hope I can visit Animecon next year again.